Welcome to my web portfolio and journal.

My name is Paul Dempsey, and I'm an artist illustrator - geek / musician who lives in the Blue Ridge Mts of Virginia. I've worked for many fortune 50 companies, and wear another cap building enterprise level UI's and applications for the web. I also do the occasional web design, branding, and logo work. Please feel free to peruse my work, and contact me if there is something you see here that interests you.

I now have my online shop open. Please click The Buy Art link above, or the links to the right (or bottom if you're on a mobile device!)

Thanks for your support. And remember. All anyone needs is a little kindness.
Love Paul

Note that I am now more or less retired because of illness. I'll be glad to consider requests for work but deadline based work is more or less impossible, and commission art work will have to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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