Welcome to my web portfolio and journal.

You have found the web site for Paul Dempsey  an artist illustrator - geek / musician.  I live in the Blue Ridge Mts of Central Virginia.  

I spent many years working in various roles within the graphics arts trade, color specialist, retoucher, illustrator digital artist and then as a web geek for about 10 years.

I've semi retired from taking commercial commissions.   For the last several years I've been working primarily in the egg tempera  medium.  Doing it the traditional way starting with the construction of my own true gesso panels.
I do take on a limited number of new commisions.  They have to meet two of the following rules.
1:  It must be fun work for people who are enjoyable to work with.
2:  It must pay well
3:  It has to help out a friend or the community at large.
Pick at least 2.

Thanks for your support. And remember. All anyone needs is a little kindness.

Love Paul


New Works

Out of the Twilight / Available for sale.

Forest Beauty / Available for sale.