Title:  In The Dunes

Completed Winter of 2019
Egg Tempera coastal landscape on true gesso panel
Size 16 x 20

We've visited the outer bank islands of the coast of North Carolina and in the Chesapeak Bay in Virginia on and off over our entire adult lifetime.  Many of these islands host a good sized population of wild horses or some ponies that make a marginal tough existence from the sea grasses.  They've survive hurricanes, deep freezes, the encroachment of humans and now predation by coyottes.  I'm always amazed at their resilience.  I rarely paint from photo's at all, and when I do, they are always from my own stock of field photography.  This was derived from a snap shot a relative sent to me, and of course I made many changes to the layout, lighting and so on to make it something of its own.

This painting is available for sale on my available art page.