Current Available Art

All prints are done on high quality heavy archival quality stock,and printed with UV safe art quality inks. If you want to ensure the life of a print I would recommend putting any print under UV art glass. Each print is done, and framed to order.  So expect delivery to take at least 7-8 days.  Also I number and sign each print.  I doubt there will ever be more than a score or so of any of these works printed.
Shipping is estimated in the price. 

Original egg tempera painting of the Appalatian Trail along Brown Mt Creek in Amherst County VA.
On true gesso wood panel or print available.
Framing is additional.
Original art size is 16 x 20 inches and mounted on a 1" deep cradle.

Framing Option

Egg Tempera Original of the wild horses at Ockracoke Island in North Carolina
On true gesso wood panel or print available.
Framing as shown is $200 additional (this is a hand made figured oak frame)
Art size is 16 x 20 inches mounted on a 1 inche deep poplar cradle.

Framing Option

The Jefferson Rose
An original Egg Tempera.
Size 13 x 13 Inches
Framed in 1.5 " figured oak.
Price $750.

Print is 100% the size of the original and is on high quality archival stock.


Egg Tempera Landscape of Big Sur By the Artist Paul Dempsey

Original Egg Tempera Of Big Sur
Framed in in handmade rosewood frame, or shipped unframed (mounted in poplar cradle)

Framing Options

Numbered and Signed Print framed or unframed.
Framing Options

Original Scratchboard Art.  Hand carved on Ampersand Archival Scratchbord

Framing Option

Ground Hog Day (Jocks & Susans Mill)
Print of an original egg tempera.
Size 13 x 22
Shipping is extra based on zip code.


Peaks Of Otter

Print of original egg tempera
"On Point"
A view of The Peaks Of Otter in Bedford County VA.
Size 13x20

Framing Option


Statens Creek long ago,
Print of original egg tempera
Two sizes are available .  A smaller 13 x 20 print or a larger 100% sized print.   Contact me directly for a larger print.  I have to order these from a commercial art printer.

Framing Option

Another in my series of Vanishing Points in Virginia.  These places are disappearing, have been developed or fallen prey to as here to loss of trees due to infestations of invasive species of insects.

View along 501 in VA near Coleman Falls heading west toward the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I Scene well known to anyone living in this area.
Print 13 x 20
Avalable framed and unframed.  Framing is in figured oak 2" wide and hand morticed. Finished with a dark oak "fumed" finish look.


Two knotted Goddesses Celtic Art
In embossed / reposed copper relief.  Hand patina finish and framed as shown in a hand morticed figured oak (quartersawn oak) frame.  Art size is 11 x 11.
One of a pair of pieces that look really nice together. (see below)
$500.  Framed as shown here and price includes shipping.

Ogma with three spiraling goddesses
Celtic based art in solid copper.  Hand patina and framed as shown with a hand made figured oak frame.
Looks great as a set with the art above.
$500.  Framed as shown here and price includes shipping.